Solar System - Observing

Own activities

 Period   Observatory
[station code]
1980/90ies Wiesbaden [023] 0.30m Astrometry, Occultations of Asteroids  
1990ies Siegen [510] 0.30m Astrometry, Spectroscopy, Occultations

MPECs, spectroscopy

2001 - 2002 T1T/MAO Trebur [239] 1.24m Astrometry of Asteroids MPECs, discoveries
2005 Observatorio Astronomico de Mallorca [620] 0.30m Photometry, sometimes astrometry of Asteroids Lightcurves


May 04-11

Calar Alto Observatory, spanish telescope (OAN) [439] 1.52m NEO confirmation and recovery, NEO/suspected binary photometry, astrometry, TNO recoveries failed MPEC K05J29, K05J30, K05J34, K05J36, K05J41, K05J57; etc.
2012- ROTAT and SATINO [C95] 0.30m, 0.60m Photometry and Astrometry of Asteroids  Lightcurves, Discoveries


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