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Pinboard & Memo

You find here some of my own memorandum notices or small working notices. The main purpose is to serve like a web scratchpad for myself.

Asteroid Magnitudes

Sloan r = V - 0.24 (pretty closely)

Asteroid Albedos

C-type (~75% of MBA) : p=0.03
S-type (~17% of MBA) : p=0.10-0.22  (av = 0.16)
M-type (~08% of MBA) : p=0.10-0.18  (av = 0.14)

Thus if no taxclass is known a mean value of 0.06 can be assumed.

Asteroid Densities

For many asteroids a value of ρ~2 g/cm3 has been assumed in the past. However, a better guess can be obtained by taking into account the asteroid's spectral type. Krasinsky et al (2002) gives calculations for the mean densities of 
CS, and M class asteroids as 1.382.71, and 5.32 g/cm3. "C" includes Tholen classes C, D, P, T, B, G, F. "S" includes Tholen classes S, K, Q, V, R, A, E.

Krasinsky, G. A.; Pitjeva, E. V.; Vasilyev, M. V.; Yagudina, E. I. (2002). Hidden Mass in the Asteroid Belt. Icarus 158 (1)

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